What Will Happen When Disaster Strikes

What Will Happen When Disaster Strikes Unexpectedly:

What Will Happen When Disaster Strikes
What will happen when disaster strikes-will you be prepared? Surviving a disaster is not usually something at the top of our list of things to be prepared for.
You may not have given it much thought of what you would do if disaster strikes, but you really should.
I stock up on certain foods. I have a disaster preparedness food list of non-perishables that tend to have a long shelf life. Things like rice and dried beans, just to name a few.
As I was going through my supplies the other day it made me draw a pause and stop and think. What would happen if another disaster were to strike again?
Well, as I contemplated the thought of it, it brought back some very bad memories that occurred early January in 2009. We had a terrible ice storm. Thousands lost power for weeks. Some people lost power for over a month. Gas was hard to come by and the food was in short supply, at the grocery stores at least. Would I survive a natural disaster?

How Will We Cook and What Will We Eat:

What Will Happen When Disaster Strikes
Everyone has to eat. It’s hard to live very long without eating. So, how would my family and I eat? How would we cook?
Well, it was a great thing that I knew how to cook in an iron skillet. Not just any iron skillet, but I knew how to cook in a cast iron skillet.
Cast iron is tough too. Its durable and can take a beating. But, most of all, it will be able to cook a wonderful hot meal when needed. Not every kind of cooking utensil can stand up to an open fire. Cast iron can.
We were able to cook because our survival camping skills kicked into overdrive. We had to. So we began heating up water to make coffee. Now mind you, coffee is like a major food group to me!
Cooking in cast iron and my camping skills came in handy during those times. We could cook on an open fire and have a good hot meal and HOT COFFEE!! Things we often take for granted in this day and time.
Yeah, it may have been a little rugged, and unconventional. Some may even call it kinda redneck. But, even in a disaster, you can’t beat what some call hillbilly cast iron cooking!

Reevaluating Our Survival Skills:

What Will Happen When Disaster Strikes
What will happen when disaster strikes? Living in the New Madrid quake zone, we think about the big one hitting.
Well, this was not an earthquake, but it was the big one to us. That 2009 ice storm got me to reevaluate my own survival skills.
You see, disasters are going to come. It could be flooding or tornadoes. Possibly snow storms or ice storms. It might even be wild-fires or an earthquake, but disasters are sure to come.
Disasters don’t have to be of the major kind to be major for us. We are so accustomed to the luxuries of life anymore that any disruptions are a disaster.
Camping out in the open brings about the thought of, “what if we didn’t have the amenities of electricity or fresh water, could I survive?”
Some people don’t have these necessary skills to survive,  but a country boy can survive, as Hank Jr. sang about. Yeah, we can skin a buck, we can run a trot line and a country boy can survive!

I Will Survive:

Will you be able to survive with a minimum amount of cooking utensils and supplies? Even if we can run a trot-line and even if we can skin a buck, which I can and have done both. If we have no way to cook our food properly we are in trouble.
Fire and cooking utensils are life savers. Will you be able to cook for your family?
Kids get hungry quickly and they look to us to take care of them. We need to be able to take of our family, our friends, our loved ones, and our neighbors until help arrives.
To be prepared, we must prepare. The 2009 ice storm changed me from that point on. I now have survival items on hand. But most of all I have the skills. If you don’t possess the necessary skills you may want to consider some basic training.
You need to learn how to cook with a cast iron skillet. Try and familiarize yourself with dutch oven cooking instructions. You really need to have some great camp dutch oven recipes too.
Practice cooking and practice sterilizing water. Cast iron skillets work wonders for cooking. Cast iron dutch ovens can boil water and they can even be a deep fryer if need be.
Practice your survival skills as if you were camping in the rough for an extended period of time. You may have to. Our instincts usually kick in when times are tough. Why? Because we all have a desire to survive. We will do whatever it takes. Skills only strengthen our chances of survival.

One Final Thought:

I hope you really take some of this into consideration because sometimes disasters strike when we least expect it. Don’t be caught off guard. What will happen when disaster strikes? Be prepared!
There will always be those who are unprepared. The greatest thing we can do during a natural disaster is to help our loved ones and our neighbors. We may be the only help for a long while. Emergency workers may not get to us for a very long while.
Roads may be impassable. Power lines may be down too. It may be days or even weeks before power is restored. Water may not be fit to drink either. So, keep this in mind: you can survive if you prepare.
There are many survival stores to get great supplies. Amazon is one of the cheapest and broadest with millions of items to choose from. We can stock up our survival gear and our camping gear. We can be prepared before disaster strikes. What do you say? Let’s be prepared!
I hope this has given you some ideas to survive any disaster. Like I said earlier, it’s not a matter of if a disaster strikes, it’s simply a matter of when.  Together we will survive!!
p.s. Don’t forget about medical supplies and bandages. you may have to deal with some injuries too. So keep this in mind when adding to your survival lists.

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2 thoughts on “What Will Happen When Disaster Strikes”

  1. I enjoyed your article very much, I have thought many times how I would like to have some cast iron cookware myself. I never cooked in this type of cookware before, so I am not sure if I wish to invest in this type of cookware but I am still considering after reading your article today

    1. Thank you Jeff. Cast iron cooking is really like any other type of cooking.What you can cook in any other type of cooking utensil, you can actually cook in cast iron.

      It would be worth the investment. They are tough and durable and long-lasting. Plus the health benefits of cast iron over teflon coated pans to me is worth it all.

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